E-Offering is a convenient way to provide support to your parish.  To activate your e-offering account, go to members.myeoffering.com and click “forgot password” on right to re-set password.  If you need assistance call Stephanie at Church Budget at 1-877-393-3330, ext .531.

Festival Sponsorships and Raffles

Our Annual Italian Festival is the most significant fundraiser of the year.  Your support of this event is greatly appreciated.  You can participate as a"Sponsor" at various levels or by purchasing Festival Raffles. 

The Festival Raffle has 3 Cash Prizes of $1,000 each.  Tickets are $1.00, 6 for $5.00, 12 for $10.00, 18 for $15.00 and 24 for $20.00. Drawing will be held at the October 7th festival at 9:00 PM.

Football Mania

Become a seller and/or purchase a ticket for $20 good for 17 weeks. The sweepstakes begins. You don’t need to know anything about football to participate.
Game rules:

  • Each card contains 3 random football teams in each of the last 17 weeks of the Pro-football season

  • Add up the points scored by your 3 teams each week

  • If your total runs scored is in the top 10 you win the money

  • The 4 lowest scoring game cards also win

  • You have new chances to win each week

  • Grand prizes awarded at the end of season

  • Receive $20 worth of music downloads from Charity Studios with your ticket


  • Highest Score-$400

  • 2nd Highest-$100

  • 3rd Highest-$50

  • Next 12 highest Scored-$25

  • Lowest Total Score-$50

  • Next 2 lowest-$25